StaRay LED Strip Lights

An LED Strip Light (also known as an LED tape or ribbon light) is a flexible strip of surface mounted light-emitting diodes that usually comes with an adhesive backing. Typically used for decoration, it can also be used for home and task lighting or as a replacement for standard fixtures.

Strip lights give you the design flexibility of using them as decorative light-rims on anything from the smallest to the largest structures. They can also be wound up, coiled or used in any other non-linear or abstract design. This, combined with their five colour options opens up infinite possibilities.

Strip lights are designed for both indoor and outdoor use depending on whether they’re water resistant. Since the strip is flexible and can be divided at any point between LEDs, it is extremely versatile and can be used in a number of installations. Outside of traditional lighting, strip lighting is extensively used in DIY projects or lighted clothing. The ability to power strip lights off of a USB device or battery pack makes them extremely portable. Examples include: Computer lighting, costume lights, toys, workspace lighting, monitor and display ambient lighting, and alcove lighting.

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